Jane Novack's Story


Challenges you have faced
My physical activity, community engagement and socialising before joining these sessions was mostly non-existent. I was withdrawn, depressed and disengaged, had lots of challenging behaviours, and was in a ‘staying indoors rut’.

Why Wheels for All?
My Mum first heard about Wheels for All via a local eco group on Facebook and we contacted a local accessible bike charity, which gave us the location details. We were then easily able to book the first session via the leisure centre.

How has Wheels for All helped you to face those challenges? Have you engaged with any particular programmes?
The volunteer team make me feel safe and welcome and I am able to experience different types of bike each week. I feel proud that I am riding tricycles and was recently supported to move onto two wheels for the first time.
The setting is wonderful and accommodates all needs, with parking, a cafe, toilets and public buses nearby. Everything is safety checked and clean, helmets are provided and there are trained volunteers ready to help with all aspects of the experience. It is also easy to book and pay for sessions in advance, plus communication with the centre manager is easy.

What has the outcome been?
Since joining, I’ve lost 9lbs in weight. I’ve also started swimming again, joined a gym and started a college course.

My confidence has been boosted and I now look forward to attending each Wednesday.
By joining the group weekly, I feel more engaged with the local community post-pandemic and since moving to the area. I feel part of the ever-expanding and friendly group.

How is your life now, looking to the future?
This group has literally been life changing. It’s a welcome part of my weekly schedule and I look forward to going.
I’d like to learn to ride a two-wheel bike more effectively and confidently. I’d like to learn to cycle or tricycle on the road or off the sports track.

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