15 Ways to improve retention and recognise Inclusive Cycling volunteers


15 Ways to improve volunteer retention.

  1. Take on board, discuss and implement your volunteers viable suggestions for improving the way your Wheels For All centre operates. (Not all ideas, no matter how good they initially appear, will be viable but if they are not viable please explain why in a tactful way.)
  2. Be specific and abundant in praising your volunteers.
  3. Praise your volunteers individually not just as a team.
  4. Call people by their names.
  5. Make sure (or ensure) that volunteers know the common purpose and mission of Wheels For All or your Inclusive Cycling Club and can appreciate how their volunteering helps to achieve this.
  6. Give volunteers an opportunity to contribute to decision making.
  7. Share information and plans freely.
  8. Invite staff members and volunteers to social activities and events.
  9. Send birthday, holiday, and thank you cards.
  10. Introduce volunteers to all the team and give them discussion starters so they can talk to each person and build relationships. (i.e., hobbies, professions, and interests)
  11. Listen to the volunteer and try to understand their points of view.
  12. Be the first to say hello and welcome them.
  13. Include them in team meetings.
  14. Provide training or opportunities for personal development.
  15. Provide feedback on outcomes of their volunteering activities.

By Tom Glynn, National Volunteer Coordinator, Sue Coupland (Warrington Wheels For All) and Chris Fisher (Kendal Wheels For All)

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